Sewer Golem and Cuttleberry Skinn

If one thing is certain, it is that those who master Alchemancy will most often use it to serve their own ends. The vile Nancy is one such: in addition to her Urkin experiments, she has discovered the means of cobbling together Sewer Golems from refuse and detritus found in the subterranean lurks beneath London. These Golems are not so much manufactured as 'summoned': raw materials are gathered in a great pile, and the Sewer Golem is animated by the spark of pure Alchemantic energy - but wont to run amok if left unmonitored!

Cuttleberry Skinn is an Urkin whose fondness for a spot of sewer angling is rivalled only by his indolence. He loves nothing better than sitting quietly in the dank, foetid tunnels hooking fish (of a sort) and all sorts of curios for his fellow Urkin to turn into some sort of deadly device. He can often be seen using a Golem as a fishing perch as it wades into the deeper 'settling tanks', allowing the young fellow to catch his fill of Swinefish - a vile but valued Urkin foodsource (compared to Sewer Rat, Swinefish is a true delight...)


The talented Lux Thantor sculpted the Sewer Golem, standing 55mm tall to the top of Cuttleberry's head (or 74mm to the top of his fishing rod!). The variety of textures and surfaces make him a super fun challenge to paint and allow you go to town with unusual shades, pigments and even water effects should you wish!

Miniatures come with Character and Activation cards for playing Twisted!

Multi-part miniatures, sold unpainted and require assembly.

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