Getting Started

What do I need to start playing Twisted?

Twisted is a skirmish miniatures designed for 2 or more players. You can play Twisted on any tabletop using miniatures to represent your Characters. Control a band of Characters who are bent on either controlling or defending the mysterious Engine. Build your Company and take to the streets of London in a detailed and immersive game that will determine which Faction will emerge victorious!

If you're new to Twisted, you can kick-start your game with the Twisted Starter Pack! It includes the deluxe Rulebook Box Set, plus your choice of 2 Faction Box Sets of metal miniatures. Just add some terrain (or make your own!) and you're ready to go - the perfect way to start playing Twisted!

Twisted Starter Pack


To play Twisted you need 3 things:

1. The Rules & Card Decks:

The rules for playing Twisted are available to download for free! The digital PDF version of the Twisted Rulebook and Eye of the Engine/Alchemancy card decks are available here:

Free Digital Rules


You can purchase a deluxe hard copy in the Twisted Rulebook Box!

The Twisted Rulebook Box contains everything you need: the high-quality 150 page hard cover rulebook, all associated card decks, 2 quick-reference play sheets, plus press-out counters and templates needed to play AND 2 full sets of 7 assorted gaming dice!

Twisted Rulebook Box



2. Miniatures: Your Company of Heroic Characters!

Now that you've got the rules, it's time to choose a Faction of Characters to battle against your opponent! The Characters in your Company are represented by miniatures on the tabletop. A typical game of Twisted might use 6-10 miniatures per side.

The Faction Box Sets contain all the miniatures you need to start playing! Each Faction Set contains a small ready-made Twisted Company.



All the miniatures are also available individually so that you can custom build your own force of Characters to suit your playing style, add on to your existing Faction Box Set, or surprise your opponent with a brand new addition to your Faction!

Twisted Miniature Range



3. Playing Area - Terrain for the Battleground:

Twisted is best played on a 3'x3' (90x90cm) space - any tabletop roughly this size will do. The game works best when the table is filled with lots of terrain to provide hidden alleyways, twists, and turns to make for an interesting and strategic encounter!

You can make your own terrain for Twisted - many people enjoy creating their own Twisted world for games.

We also have a specially created range of laser-cut MDF terrain purpose built for Twisted. This beautiful terrain designed and produced by Miniature Scenery provides the basis for a perfect steampunk-themed Twisted gaming table!

Twisted Terrain



Twisted Gameplay Videos

Take a look at these fantastically fun example gameplay videos to get a feel for the Twisted game and how to play.
Twisted Gameplay Videos