The Miniatures


We love tabletop games and miniatures. There’s something really special about sharing an adventure round the table with friends, and we wanted to craft a new game that’s captivating, immersive and above all lots of fun – with world-class miniatures that reflect our passion for painting.

We believe we’ve created truly world-class miniatures for Twisted that offer a magnificent canvas to painters of all levels, particularly those with an eye for detail.


The characters in Twisted are each hand-sculpted, unique works of art. Designed from the ground up with care and love, every character goes through an intensive concept development process before being painstakingly hand-sculpted by some of the best miniature artists in the world.

Twisted Miniature Range


Australian Made: Twisted miniatures are highest-quality hard resin or pewter metal casts, which capture the crispness and detail perfectly. Twisted miniatures are cast here in Australia, where we can ensure the highest standards of quality. You’ll really see the difference in Twisted’s world-class miniatures!

Resin vs Metal


Please note: The miniatures available in our shop come unpainted and usually require some assembly. Get creative with your painting and create a colourful Twisted Company of your own!


Painting Guides - coming soon!


Twisted Miniature Range