Resin vs Metal


Resin vs Metal: What's the Difference?

Most of the Twisted miniatures are available in both hard polyurethane resin or white pewter metal form.

Resin and metal both have their advantages and both give a very high quality result, which is most important to us. We make every effort to ensure Twisted has the highest quality (and coolest!) miniatures possible!

Currently all our metal miniatures are produced here in Australia, and the resins are made both here in Australia and also in the USA. This means we are able to ensure the highest standards of quality throughout the process.

Advantages of Metal:
  • Less expensive to produce but still very high quality
  • More durable for gaming in the long run - stronger, tougher material
  • Resists handling better - metal bends rather than snaps, no brittleness
  • Nice heavy 'hand feel' when gaming - great sense of weight

Advantages of Resin:
  • Ultra-high quality - crisp details and smooth surfaces
  • Can be easier to assemble - lighter material so less pinning required
  • Our resin has some flexibility - not brittle like some other resins
  • Softer material makes it easier to cut/convert

Please note: The miniatures available in our shop come unpainted and usually require some assembly. Get creative with your painting and create a colourful Twisted Company of your own!


Twisted Miniature Range


Twisted Miniature Range