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  • Narrative-Driven Gameplay

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  • Richly Developed Universe

  • Scions of the Sands

    The Desert Awakens!

  • Guild of Harmony

    Steps from the shadows

Donna Monvoisin

The witchy Donna Monvoisin and her feline familiar are flying into Twisted, ready to rain fire and brimstone down on your opponents from the back of their steam-powered broomstick!

Donna Monvoisin is a special crossover character between Twisted and Purgatory : she's usable in both games with full rules and cards for each.

Available Now

Spirits of the Desert

New characters flying in on the desert winds!

The Overseer of Hounds, 2 new Hounds of Set and the Rotten Mummy have emerged from their ancient tombs, ready for action in the world of Twisted.

Joining the Scions of the Sands, these new characters are an ancient creature feature now unearthed for your desert raiding party!

Available Now

The Scotland Yard Clockwork Constabulary

New releases for Twisted and the Servants of the Engine!

Chief Inspector Abberline leads the Clockwork Constabulary, directing orders to the mechanical Wheeled Bobbies through his loudspeaker.

Sergeant Clark provides some muscle and leadership to the squad, but his enhanced independence has lead to a questionable morality...

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Agents of Oz!

New releases from somewhere under the rainbow are now storming into the world of Twisted!

The Agents of Oz - Young Dorothy, Toto, Haystack, Lackheart and Pascal - have been recruited to the Guild of Harmony's cause.

These fantastically characterful new miniatures are available to buy now!

Available now

New Rulebook Expansions!

Download the FREE rulebook for the Scions of the Sands and the Guild of Harmony.

Packed with artwork, character bios, background stories and of course rules for all the new miniatures!

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Bier und Brezel Battle Report!

Fantastic fun Twisted gameplay videos by Bier und Brezel Tabletop! 👌

Very professional videos and a perfect introduction to playing games of Twisted. German language (but with English subtitles!)

A super BIG THANK YOU to Tobi for featuring Twisted - vielen dank! 🙌👏

Battle Report - A Thief in the Night

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Unofficial Twisted Facebook community page to show off your painted miniatures, post photos of your gaming tables, discuss rules and talk all things Twisted with other Engine acolytes! Peter and Sebastian are part of the regular discussion and sometimes show secret sneak peeks. We'd love to see you there!

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