Scions of the Sands

Who are the Scions of the Sands?

The Scions of the Sands represent Carter’s expeditionary team, despatched by Queen Elspeth to covertly search for a link between a lost Engine Node and the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. The Scions are made up of Victorian-era explorers and Bedouin archaeological workers, mixed with Ancient Egyptian beings animated and brought to life by the will of The Engine!

Carter is accompanied by such Characters as the capable adventurer Indigo Ford, hired for her practical know-how and proficiency with whip and pistol in a scrap; the wastrel Horace, wayward son of wealthy Lord Cyrus De Havilland, escaping a trail of shame and debauchery left home in London; and respected author and diarist Agatha Marple with her Gentlefolk servant Hercule who are tasked with recording the expedition's exploits and keeping the eclectic band in check.


The expedition proceeded without major incident for several months until, by apparent accident, a tomb forming the resting place of the lost Nubt Node of the Engine was uncovered. Suddenly, things took a surprising and rather disturbing turn...

Scions of the Sands Rulebook


The Nubt Node

The awakened Nubt Node of The Engine has brought forth the terrifying Avatar of Set, an earthly representation of the Ancient Egyptian god of destruction! Filled with awe and moved to worship of the Avatar, Carter's workers have become the fanatical Guardians of Set, revering Carter as a kind of prophet for his connection to - and apparent control of - the Avatar of Set.

The Nubt Node has also awakened other ancient beings of the desert, bodies long dead rising and twisting into mythical forms. Carter's knowledge of Ancient Egyptian lore combined with his powerful talent for alchemancy has allowed him some measure of control over these newly-summoned allies. However, as is ever the way with those affected by The Engine, these unearthly creatures have been warped and their true motivations may not have been fully revealed...


What are the Canopic Jars?

Each Character in the Scions of Set Faction carries a Canopic Jar allowing them to access the spirit or essence of an Ancient Egyptian person. Some of these spirits were great warriors or priests; some even royalty or nobility; many just simple hunters or skilled artisans.

These canopic jar spirits can alter a Character's abilities or characteristics, providing special bonuses and enhancements. However, care should be taken when attempting to access a jar: things may not go well should the bonded spirit be too powerful for the Character to handle!


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