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A special thank you to The Battle Hammer for their detailed Twisted gameplay videos!

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Straw and Parker have been playing through the narrative campaign included in the Twisted Rulebook. (You can buy the Twisted Rulebook Box or download the free Twisted digital pdf rules in the Twisted Store!)

As well as having an absorbingly fun storyline, the narrative campaign is designed to teach you to play Twisted step-by-step, by introducing more characters and abilities and Alchemancy as you play through the missions.

Check out the fantastic gameplay videos - more to come!

Mission 1: First Fetching

Dodger and his accompanying Urkin must try to break into the Moneylenders to recover a cache of Alchemantic items given as surety on a loan. This cache is rumoured to contain a copy of Howman's Alchemantic Index, and Feygin is rather keen to see the book in Nancy's possession before things get too out of hand...


Mission 2: Transport

The Alchemantic cache is now in the possession of one of the competing Factions! They now need to make a hasty getaway and flee the area with the prize, but have to find a way to negotiate the murky streets and alleyways of London with angry opponents hot on their tail...


Mission 3: Transfer

With the Alchemantic cache now open, the contents need to be evaluated for their importance and potential power. It is up to those carrying the coveted box to weather the storm of foes and reach their allies safely, in order to have the items within the cache assessed by one skilled in the art of Alchemancy.


Mission 4: Essence of Vengeance

A furious opposing Faction is focussing all their efforts on destroying a stash of Alchemantic Essences held by their foes. It will be no easy task, however, and the race to detonate - or save - the warehouse is now on!


Mission 5: Build Up

The Servants of the Engine and the Dickensians are probing each other's defences in preparation for the battle royale to come. Both Factions need to gather their forces in order to win the day!


 Mission 6: Explosive Violence

The Dickensians now have the upper hand and are closing in on a safehouse of the Servants of the Engine. They outnumber their foes, but the area is in the heart of enemy territory and defences have been put in place...



 Mission 7: Seize the Alchemancer

The Servants of the Engine attempt to capture the Dickensians Alchemancer, Sowerberry. But his alchemantic power - and the other Dickensians closing in - make this is a very tricky feat!



 Mission 8: Coming Soon!


Remember: all these narrative missions are included inside the Twisted Rulebook!