Who are the Dickensians?


The Dickensians, Bill Psyches’ gang of street thieves and thugs, are largely concerned with controlling the Node of The Engine that Feygin has discovered in the sewers under the streets and alleys that form their territory. Bill views The Engine as a means to greater power and wealth, cementing his iron grip on those he wishes to dominate. Nancy, once kind and caring, is now solely concerned with cowing the Node to her will. The darker side of Alchemancy is her passion and the creation of an army of demented Urkin to aid Bill her focus.

Feygin and Dodger represent the other side of the Dickensian coin in that, whilst they appreciate the vast trove of treasure they are accumulating, they also desire to see the young street thieves that the Urkin had once been returned to their former selves - especially the unfortunate Ollyver.

Whilst these two competing aims run underneath the efforts of the Dickensians, they remain a united Faction in their efforts to control the Node. It’s just the end goal of that control wherein they differ.

The Dickensians as a Faction will tend to be numerous on the tabletop with swarms of the cheap and expendable Urkin appearing from every darkened corner. In general their Characters are less hardy than those of the Servants, but they make up for this with an almost constant stream of the foul young psychopaths to befoul your opponent’s plans.

This is not to suggest they don’t have any hard hitters. Ollyver is one of the most dangerous and powerful Characters in Twisted when it comes to Close Combat, and Nancy is rivalled only by M’Dusa in terms of Alchemantic ability.

In general terms, the Dickensians are less capable at range than the Servants, so they will tend to want to close the distance between the two Companies quickly to allow both Bill and Ollyver to come to the fore. It’s how they manage the tactical problem this presents that makes the Dickensians fun and interesting to play.



What are the Urkin?

The Urkin are the young street thieves that formed Feygin’s gang of pickpockets, but they have been altered - twisted - by the raw power of The Engine. Urkin are unpredictable and deadly. They have limited intellect and are prone to impulsive acts of violence and seem to actively enjoy chaos and disorder.

Nearly all Urkin conceal their faces behind crude masks, the strange multi-lenses hoods making it difficult to determine the extent of the changes wrought by Feygin's meddling with the Engine Node beneath London.


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