Inspector Abberline

The Chief Inspector of the No. 12 Watch House deep in the territory of Bill Psyches, Abberline is a deliberate and forthright man who brooks no foolishness.

He commands the Peelers and Bobbies under his watch with surety and has an unmatched record of keeping the peace in an area that would otherwise be chaos and crime ridden - at least more-so than it is currently.

The “Abberline Direct Decree System” is used by Abberline to issue orders to the Bobbies at a distance,  increasing their effectiveness.

Inspector Abberline is part of the Clockwork Constabulary!


Inspector Abberline is a 32mm miniature sculpted by Lux Thantor.

Miniatures come with Character and Activation cards for playing Twisted!

Multi-part miniatures, sold unpainted and require assembly.

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