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Sowerberry Collector's Edition Resin


Once a crooked undertaker who disposed of bodies for the criminal underworld, Sowerberry is now quite literally a shadow of his former self.

The result of Nancy’s failed experiment with the Node, Sowerberry is only partially anchored in the realm of reality. He drifts wraith-like through the murky alleyways of London, draining the life from anyone crossing his path. Whether he is motivated by a murderous jealousy of the living or simply the desire to create more work for his erstwhile colleagues, none can say.

This premium Collector's Edition resin version of Sowerberry is limited to 500 copies, each sold with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Once sold out there will be no more resin copies created - ever!

Sowerberry is a 32mm miniature sculpted by David Ayral.

Multi-part miniature comes unpainted and requires assembly

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