54mm Launcelot Masters Edition

The first miniature in the special Twisted Masters Edition!

This is a larger 54mm scale version of Launcelot, in an alternative pose.

Launcelot comes cast in super-high quality resin. 

Never have the streets of London seen the like of the cold, deliberate violence of Launcelot. The knight Launcelot is, as ever, brave and forthright. He has a strict code of honour and is a consummate warrior.

However, The Engine currently holds thrall over him and has found a means to control the knight. His actions are not entirely his own and this is a circumstance he wishes to change...In the meantime, woe betide any who come between Launcelot and a target The Engine wants eliminated!

Sculpted by Sebastian Archer.

Multi-part miniature, sold unpainted and requires assembly.


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