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Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish adventure game, with a world-class range of 32mm steampunk miniatures. The world of Twisted revolves around the mysterious power of the Engine!

The Engine is a powerful steampunk-world-generating device with a consciousness that seeks to transform the world around it according to its own designs, but a jealous ego that refuses to share its power. To this end, the Engine seeks to carry out its selfish vision without being discovered and commandeered. Rumours and legends of the Engine’s influence have pervaded the world of Twisted, and a power struggle has ensued as competing factions seek to discover the Nodes, the Engine’s secret access points buried deep within long-forgotten locations throughout our steampunk world. Your job as the player is to take command of one of these factions and compete to seize control of the power of the Engine!


The team behind Twisted – Demented Games – is based in Australia. With many years of experience in the industry, and one of the most recognisable sculptors and painters in the world – Sebastian Archer – being an integral part of the team, we are well placed to deliver the highest quality both in miniatures and customer service.


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Welcome to the Twisted online store!

With a hiss of steam and clanking of cogwheels, the Twisted online store is now open - full steam ahead!   Our first premium Collector's Edition resin releases are Ollyver,...

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