Twisted Starter Pack

Starter Pack includes Twisted Rulebook Box PLUS 2 Faction Box Sets of metal miniatures!

Kickstart your games of Twisted with this special starter pack!

The Twisted Rulebook Box contains all the base rules, card decks and counters/templates necessary to play Twisted, as well as an exciting 10-mission narrative campaign designed to teach you how to play.

The narrative missions inside the Twisted Rulebook feature the characters from Dickensians Box 1 & 2, and the Servants of the Engine Box 1 & 2

The beautiful Twisted Hardcover Rulebook is filled with evocative background fiction and beautiful artwork detailing the world and Characters who inhabit it. It also has a special binding which allows the open book to be laid flat on the tabletop as you play!

The perfect way to start playing Twisted!

  • 2 x Faction Box Sets of Metal Miniatures

    150 page Twisted Hardcover Rulebook

    44 Eye of The Engine Cards

    40 Alchemantic Invocation Cards

    20 Tarot of Taxing Tasks Cards

    5 Pass Cards & 4 Mission Character Cards

    3 sheets of counters and templates

    2 quick reference play sheets

    2 sets of 7 dice


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Twisted is a detailed and immersive skirmish game for 2 or more players, set in a uniquely interesting Victorian Steampunk world dominated by the power of The Engine: a world-altering device that guides the fate of mankind.

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