Tunnel Spinner

Beneath the city of London is the vast network of tunnels and drains that are home to strange Sewer Slimes, rats the size of leopards, and things less pleasant still. Her Majesty's Guild of Sewer Scuffers are tasked with keeping these tunnels as clean as one might reasonably expect, and free of nasties that might upset Londoners at their breakfasts.

The Tunnel Spinner is the largest construct the Scuffers Guild has at its disposal. It has the same logic unit as the No.53 Model Mining Gentlefolk and is quite able to mount an aggressive defence if provoked. Recently the Guild's Quartermasters have noted the disappearance of a number of these Tunnel Spinners, and reports are coming in of Spinners operating in the streets accompanied by armed folk of unknown provenance...

In your games of Twisted, opposing Characters can attempt to jump into the driver's seat, grab the levers and override control of the Tunnelling Spinner in the midst of combat - utter chaos is sure to ensue!


The Tunnel Spinner is a large and bulky beast, 70mm long from tip of drill to rear exhaust and barely fitting on the 40mm base with which it is supplied. Sculpted in astonishing detail by Twisted's very own Sebastian Archer, this miniature is a delight for painters and a powerful addition to your Twisted Company.


Count Duviel has biomechanically grafted himself to the chassis of a co-opted Tunnelling Spinner! Count Duviel is a 32mm-scale miniature sculpted by Sebastian Archer and designed to fit with the Tunnelling Spinner kit. We think this is the most impressive centrepiece miniature in the entire Twisted range.

Miniatures come with Character and Activation cards for playing Twisted!

Multi-part miniatures, sold unpainted and require assembly.

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